Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Expressing my inner Happy Trails...

It has taken me a while to really give this kit the time it deserved but I sure did have fun when I finally sat down to create with it!  This month I was focused on projects...
I made a great simple little set of inspirational greeting cards.

...complete with a little band to hold them all together.  You know the holidays are coming around and I have to have some premade card sets for gifts laying around.  Such a time saver!

Next I decided I'd make a little notebook.

It turned out pretty cute too.  I stitched on it as well but I used white thread on this one and I bound it at the top with a length of the ball trim.  Since I needed it to be flat, I trimmed off the balls and used it more as a ribbon.  Thankfully my kit had plenty of this trim so I can use it in all its glory on other projects!  Speaking of other projects, I hope to create a few more so check back!!

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