Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And now...Tootie Fruitie!

OH MY GOODNESS! This Tootie Fruitie kit rocks! I worked on my pages this weekend at Camp Crop A Lot and knocked out all this pages in one sitting! Yes, some are simple...but that's what it's all about. Not every page has to be like "BAM". Stacey Jullian tought me that you have to give your eyes a visual rest when flipping through the pages of your album. Not to mention that it takes tons of pressure off you when you know not every page has to be over the top fabulous.

As usual, I had a blast with my kit. Here are Some things to try this month...

Try free hand cutting some scallops on the edge of your page. It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't want them to be, otherwise you would use pre-cut paper...right?

Pull out some of your old chipboard letters and use them as a template to trace and cut out your patterned paper to make letters for your title like I did with the "4" on the "July 4th outside at the Locks" page.

If you find your chipboard letters are a little to bright for the look you are going for on your page, Sand the edges of the letters to tone them down a bit. It gives a great distressed look.