Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Colors of the County Fair

A couple months ago I had an idea to make a color folder for Z's colors...
And then when the County Fair kit came along, I knew it would be perfect for this project!

So I got to work on it!
Just fold your 12 X 12 paper in the folder shape (based on the hight of your colors). Then free hand cut the scalloped edge along the top flap.
Place a couple of the colors down in the folder slot and mark where you want your stitching to be, giving yourself a lot of room to play with. Stitch the slots for the colors. Then trim the striped paper to fit over the bottom half of the stiched area (the area that whos when the folder is closed.
Then just decorate the outside cover flap with the word "colors" or your child's name and that's it. Just a fun, quick project your kids will love!

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