Monday, June 14, 2010

Organization & Masters Kits CAN go hand and hand

And here is proof! A friend of mine recently started a organization business and she has totally inspired me to orgainze my life. This is the result...
So another mini was in order! I used more of the Little Miss Sunshine kit to make a gift card/receipt organizer!
For the gift card section I trimmed down a few baseball card sheet protectors
Then for the receipts section I used a couple 12X12 photo sheet protectors (the one that is devided to hold four 4X6 photos) and carefully cut them down. You can also use these sections for stamps, photos or anything really.
Then I just bound it all with my handy Bind It All machine! Did I mention I love that thing?
So while I was on a roll...I kept organizing. I thought I would gather up all my take out menus and make a cute little central place the keep them all.
Again I turned to sheet protectors. I have a ton of 12X12 sheet protectors and I don't even scrap 12X12!
For the pages, I took those 12X12 sheet protectors and cut them in half to make them 12X6 and zig zag stitched them up the cut side.
Then attached them to the cover with binder rings. Easy! So when you gonna make yours?

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Sherri said...

Where did you buy your Bind-it-all? I've looked locally but not found one.