Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy, busy...

Making stuff! I got totally carried away with this kit! Totally.
I made tons! Including this mini 4X4 accordian mini book.
I cut a sheet of black card stock into 3 12X4 strips and folded them accordian style, pieced two of them with a scrap of the third strip and glued. Then I cut scraps of the patterned paper to decorate the pages and made a little "band" out of the die cuts to keep it all together.
Next I used the back packaging page of the Jenni Bowlin calendar and punched out each month with a large circle punch.
And presto, a little year in a glance mini all wrapped up and ready to go.
Then I made a few sets of cards.
A fun birthday set with lots of colors. And made a little band for them as well.
And then a more formal set that would be perfect for a gift.
I love how the fet buttons made the perfect accent for the band.
It was so easy to make a little coordinating set of cards. And fast too. When you get a creative block you should make a sweet little card set for a friend.
Now you know I had to bang out some pages...
Lots of pages. The Black Market papers were my favorite but I had fun with the colorful Fancy Pants papers and die cuts too.
Lots of mist and some sewing and I had tons of great pages to add to my book.
And a couple pages I even mixed the two paper designs.

So I hope you had as much fun with your kit as I did...if you haven't used it all up yet I encourage you to mix it up...and have fun!

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