Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still Misting!

Just a few more pages rockin' the mist action...
On this one I used the white cardstock I used to catch the extra mist from my cards in the previous post. It was so misty and funky that I couldn't bare to throw it this page was born. I used a lot of the left overs like the chipboard from the packaging of the dream street cut outs and since I had run out of "t"s, i used the chipboard sheet the letters were on as a stencil and traced it on the page.

And on this last layout, remember the haunted house mini I did? I used the cover (before I decorated it) as a mask and sprayed the silver mist over it. This gave the cover a cool shimmer and make a rockin' background page for this layout.
I hope you guys like the tips. I've been enjoying sharing my process with you! And thanks for the sweet comments!

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